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Game about survival in the Karakum Desert


ToberUberStobe is a hardcore enough game (not mindkilling like I Wanna Be The Boshy) so you will be dying every fucking 10 seconds, and then throw your device out of the window


Also it has more building materials than your mom has venereal diseases. You can fill all the infinite world with penises, swastikas, gay clubs, GM weed farms, cyborg factories, sky and even Allah


The game consists of more than 25000 lines of absolutely undocumented shitcode (HELP ME, PLEASE), and if you're a brave guy, you can try to write a mod (a simple API is included), a client or a server


Click here if you just want to play, here if you want to try an upcoming version of the game, here if you're a cool hacker, here if you're a modder, and here if you want to setup a multiplayer server

P.S. check it out on itch.io

How to run a local instance

  1. Download Whegky
  2. Follow the README of the engine

How to do something

See here