Kirby Kevinson's Cringe Zone

If you ever wondered how cringy I am as a person, you've come to the right place. This website contains a whole collection of my past Web creations and some interesting facts you didn't want to know about me.

Text files

Linguistic experiments

Old website versions

I edited some of them for my own sanity's sake.

2016-11-18: "Look, I know how to host a web page!"

Pretty self-explanatory. I used this to test whether I properly understood how to upload stuff on GitHub Pages.

2016-11-18: Material Design

I was a such big fan of Google's Material Design back in the day that I incorporated as much of it as possible wherever possible, including my website. While this version does technically conform to the rules of Material Design, it's pretty boring. So as you can expect, it didn't last long - I remade everything from scratch after just 4 days.

2016-11-22: slightly less Material Design

This version, however, while not quite being Material Design, seemed really interesting to me. By being more minimalist, it not only looked better but also worked better by getting straight to the point. As you can see, this version lasted almost 1.5 years, and then it look me almost 2 years to make something as original as this.

2018-02-09: acid garbage

While it seems like I was on acid while making this, I was unfortunately wasn't. The main inspiration for this kind of design was new at that time Mozilla's website, which utilized bright colors and sharp corners. While the idea was kind of interesting, this design was too unflexible to actually use it to present content and a big pain in the ass to maintain, so I'd of course give up on it eventually.

2018-05-30: extreme depression

My mental health wasn't doing well at that time, which led to me becoming an extreme minimalist in all possible meanings of this word. As a result, I recreated the website using only good ol' HTML with barely any CSS. This was also about the time I realized that I need a static site generator in order to actually do something meaningful but didn't yet commit to that idea.

2018-09-15: depression

After realizing that almost no CSS is a terrible idea, I decided to go back to my old design but change it a little bit. Over time, this version slowly merged into 2019, which itself merged into 1997, which is used on my website by this day.

Pre-website demo pages

For the most part, everything had to be recreated using the surviving screenshots and/or my memories as a reference because their markup has been long gone as (with the exception of the first one) I didn't upload them anywhere. I also translated and edited some of them + replaced images with a generic placeholder.

2012?-XX-XX: personal home page

This is my first ever website that I made right after I learned HTML. Other than shitty 90s web design, it featured some fucked up server-side PHP code, which as far as I remember, even had an "account system" made out of an if-else chain. Out of illegal stuff, there were links to third-party Windows disk images and some uncredited pictures. The website is probably still alive, assuming the free hosting it was on survived, but the link to it is long gone.

2015-XX-XX: video game engine landing

After not touching HTML for several years, I decided to finally relearn everything in 2015, and this was my first effort at creating something. As you can see, it was a bad one.

2015-XX-XX: web browser landing

I have no idea why, but I really wanted to create a web browser back then. I had absolutely no knowledge to pull off something like this, so I decided to first make a landing page for it. Unfortunately though, I eventually did create "a web browser" using "web technologies" (read: an existing web browser), and oh boy, its code quality and usability are on par with this web page.

2015-12-24: funny 100% apolitical joke

Right when the conflict between Russia and Ukraine over the annexation of the latter's island by the former was at its peak, I decided to make this little page that... uhhhh... mentions the country? I honestly don't know what the joke here is (because there is none), but it was really funny to me and my friends back when I made it. In fact, it was so funny that I later redesigned it and added more stuff. And by stuff I, of course, mean a picture of someone's genitalia, which I had to replace in this version.

2015-12-25: video game landing

My friend was developing a video game, which name I replaced with random 3 words starting with the same characters, and this was supposed to be "a landing page" for it. As you can see, I was incredibly immature and used a lot of swear words for no reason. Yeah, and I also didn't know how to properly use punctuation on the Internet. Luckily, this page was never actually used for the game.

2015-12-30: personal home page, again

After making a page for an imaginary web browser, I thought why not to create a page for the company that created that browser, and did just that. The page features just as crappy design, and this time even broken English.

2016-01-02: web browser landing, again

Yes, another web browser landing page, which now looks even shittier and has an even more bizzare name that makes even less sense. The page was heavily inspired by Opera's one, and by heavily inspired, I mean it's a literal copycat. Also instead of some actual fake browser UI, I just put a screenshot of a random page opened in my Firefox. So embarrassing.

2016-10-01: calculator

Wow, an actual somewhat useful "app" that I created with my own hands! Or well, it would be one if I understood the code I was writing.

2016-10-01: personal home page, one more time

If you didn't yet believe my claim about my immaturity, here's another proof. Also for some unknown reason, the design on this webpage is even shittier than on the previous personal home page, which is quite weird. Luckily, this is the last page like this I made, and after that I finally started "programming" stuff, which is also embarrassing to look at now, but at least the stuff I made survived and you can actually check it out.